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Women’s undergarments and Bra types

Women’s undergarments and Bra types
It is pertinent to know certain terms related to women’s underwear. Here is a description of those terms and common types of women’s undergarments. The specific functions and purposes it serves are also provided.

Bra: Though to wear or not to wear bra is entirely a woman’s choice, many women prefer wearing in order to conform to modern society’s dress code. Bra isn’t any more simple underwear that extends strong support for women’s breasts, keeping at bay problems like sagging breasts and backaches. Today, bras have turned out to be fashion statement on any given occasion. Gone are times when a single bra in a woman’s wardrobe fitted her choice of garments. There are close to 20 different styles of bra to fit specific needs of a woman. The functional aspect and outer garment precisely determine selection.
Maximizer push-up bra: It is intended to provide instant lift and enhance breast appearance. The unique structure and extra padding makes flaunting a deeper cleavage easier.
Shelf bra: Mostly favored during sexy situations, the nipples and upper part of breast get exposed but underneath part of breasts are provided ample support and coverage.
Peephole bra: It features holes around the nipples, sideways or otherwise. The functional aspect is absent as it may or may not have cups.
Maternity bra: Designed to cope with changing breast size during pregnancy period, maternity bras provide support and safeguard sagging of breast.
Women’s undergarments and Bra types

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