Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monday Night Football Cheerleader Match-Up

So this blog is in its infancy, and I'm still trying to figure out of recurring themes I would like to use. I figure for the rest of the NFL season, I'll preview the Monday Night Football game and pick the winner of the game via the cheerleaders of the opposing teams. Sounds like a natural topic for this blog. So our first MNF match-up is the Denver Bronco v. Pittsburgh Steelers.

Denver Broncos Cheerleaders
The Broncos have some incredibly hot cheerleaders. Being a Chiefs fan I absolutely loathe the Broncos, but I have mad respect for their cheerleaders. Hats off to them all.

Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleaders
Are you kidding me Pittsburgh? It's 2009 and you don't have any cheerleaders. How do your fans let you get away with this crap? There should be a riot in the parking lot before every game. Well, it's your funeral. To represent you in the inaugural Pro Cheerleader Heaven Monday Night Football Cheerleader Match Up (also known at PCHMNFCMU!) you get the 1961 version of the Steelerettes! I hope you're happy!

I think it's pretty clear who is going to win this game tonight. If you haven't had cheerleaders since the '60s, you don't even really deserve to be in the NFL. I say Broncos 24, Steelers 17 (and I'm only giving you 17 because the caption in the last picture cracks me up!)

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