Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hairstyles summer 2011

Every woman wants to look fashionable and stylish. Especially in the summer.So many fashion shows highlighted not only the fashionable clothes, but also fashionable hairstylesThis year's very fashionable at the various weaving hairThis is understandable, as these hairstyles are suitable for any female character.

Many fashion houses such as Givenchy, lexander McQueen, Valentino, Emanuel Ungaro, Hermes And in his shows demonstrated different weave braidYou could see the hair, beautifully woven into a braid or a few braids, braids, headbands, scarves woven in braids, cornrows small against the background of flowing hair. The most fashionable trend this year with the creation of braids - this negligence. Therefore, braiding her hair, do not delay it too much. A perfect option would be to pull out of the spit a little bit of hair to give her magnificent form and delicacy. At the moment many of the girls, creating hairstyles evening stop at the option of the spit.
Also, in a fashion easy to mess your head. These hairstyles have demonstrated such fashion houses as Calvin Klein, Lanvin, Bottega VenetaYou can also tie the tail, not applying the comb, and add some curls to the effect of wet hair. For business women hairstyles low beam and a clear parting. If you prefer a classic hairstyle, then an excellent option will updo, for example, the high tailBut the smoothly coiffed hair exhibited at shows Prada, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, ChloeExperts noted that the creation of a hairstyle you want to use hair gels, which create the perfect effect of smoothness. Long sleek hair also in vogueTherefore, hair straighteners, you can use the various irons. But do not forget that beautiful hair - above all, healthy hair.

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