Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NY Jets Don't Get To Open New Stadium, Still Have Hot Cheerleaders

Since the Giants and Jets still share a stadium (which is just ludicrous to me), there was some debate about which team would get to play the first game in the newly renovated digs. So the NFL decided the issue the same way it decides all important issues: with a coin toss! Seriously, that's how you make decisions in the NFL? How is this the most successful pro sports league in history?

So the Jets are a little annoyed they don't get to play the Sunday game in the updated stadium (though they do get to play a Monday night game the very next day). And I guess I understand that. But one of their biggest beefs is that they didn't get to be there when the coin toss happened. They're not pissed about the fact that the flip of a coin made this decision, just that they didn't get to see it happen. Good Lord. At least they still have way hotter cheerleaders than the dumbass cheerleader-less Giants!

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