Monday, March 14, 2011

2010 NFL Draft Order Via Cheerleaders

Since there is no Monday night football game tonight, we'll reward the worst teams in the league by going through the 2010 NFL Draft order. As of now, the top 20 picks have been set. We'll start at 20 (which is actually a tie for 19th) and work our way to #1!

Tie 19th: Houston Texans

Tie 19th: Atlanta Falcons

18th: Pittsburgh Steelers
That's what you get for not having cheerleaders!!!!!

Tie 16th: San Francisco 49ers

Tie 16th: Tennessee Titans

15th: New York Giants
Again, screw you for having hot fans and no cheerleaders!!!!!

14th: Seattle Seahawks

13th: San Francisco 49ers (again)

12th: Miami Dolphins

Tie 10th: Jacksonville Jaguars

Tie 10th: Denver Broncos

9th: Buffalo Bills

8th: Oakland Raiders

7th: Cleveland Browns
Hell, they've NEVER had cheerleaders. This all-girl marching band was the closest they ever got!

6th: Seattle Seahawks (again)

5th: Kansas City Chiefs

4th: Washington Redskins

3rd: Tampa Bay Bucaneers

2nd: Detroit Lions
And this is why your franchise blows!!!!!

1st: St. Louis Rams

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