Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monday Night Football Cheerleader Match-Up #5

We're headed to the NFC West for tonight's Monday Night Football match-up as the 8-4 Arizona Cardinals head to San Francisco to take on the 5-7 49ers. Both sides have some talent, but I'm just not sure how the cheerleaders are going to match-up. Let's check out the research.

Lots of things to like about this team. The scary part is that the leader is on the older side and could give out at any moment. But when she's on her game (like she most definitely is in the 2nd picture), there just may be no stopping this squad.

There is a lot to like here as well. Young, sexy talent that is, at this point, maybe just a little unproven. But there is certainly a workhorse capable of taking the entire team on her back and grinding the way to victory.

So who pulls it out in the end? I think the wily veteran has enough left in her bag of tricks to walk into Candlestick Park (which I realize is not where the 49ers play but I'm too lazy to search for the real name) and avenge a week 1 loss. Regardless, I'm excited to watch!

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