Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penny Mathis Fashion Shoot 2011

Penny Mathis is a very hot glamour model who is causing a sensation across the internet over her racy photo shoots. She loves to dress up. Lucky for us, because she has one of the best bodies going. She is known for her extra hot photos, so if you’ve never heard of her until now, this is the best time to get a good look at Penny Mathis

 Penny Mathis Fashion Shoot 2011

Californian glamour model Penny Mathis has caused fans great amounts of frustration with her permanently hidden bolt-on boobs. The non nude model has some seriously fake fun bags, but a fine toned figure and a good looking face. Sadly, there's not much else we know about her, but unless she starts putting more of her mammaries on show, her modelling days may be numbered.

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