Sunday, April 17, 2011

NFL Playoffs Cheerleader Preview -- Vikings v. Saints

This is the match-up that everyone wanted to see. A couple of high-octane offenses that fling the ball all over the field. What should be a great atmosphere in New Orleans. And, of course, Brett Favre. Personally, I'm tired of everyone (I'm looking at you ESPN) falling all over themselves to tell us just how good Favre was this season. Sure he was good. But Drew Brees was better. In basically every category that means something: completion percentage, yards, yards per attempt, touchdowns and passer rating. The only category where Favre is better, amazingly, is interceptions (11 for Brees, 7 for Favre). So let's show Drew Brees and the boys a little love please.

While I'm scared the Vikings D, especially Jared Allen and the rest of the d-line, could cause too much havoc, I think the Saints pull this one out. The defenses aren't that fair apart statisically, and I just think the Saints have the better offense. Plus, I hope Favre throws one of his patented stupid, drive/game killing INTs in the 4th quarter.

The cheerleaders also pose a great match-up. The Vikings definitely have A LOT going for them. I mean, we're talking some potential Hall of Fame material. But the Saints come right back at them with young, MAJOR talent of their own. I'm taking the Saints here. Youth trumps experience on the sideline.



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